Body-Worn Cameras

Commitment to Professionalism

The Davidson Police Department is committed to being a professional law enforcement agency. This means our style of policing is community-oriented and includes a problem solving approach to quality of life, crime prevention, and law enforcement issues.

Currently, all Davidson police cruisers are equipped with state-of-the-art, in-car video systems. They record digitally and automatically download to a secured server located in the evidence and property room. Our officers wanted to take this a step further with body-worn cameras. This is a mark of a professional agency. We are not afraid to capture what we see and say in the course of our daily work.

Camera Implementation

Since September 2014, Davidson police officers have started their shifts by donning small, weatherproof body-worn cameras (BWC) prior to going out on patrol. Recordings are downloaded daily, cannot be altered, and are stored on a secure server. 

The implementation and use of BWCs raise important questions about professional policing, transparency, privacy, and trust. Our officers' conduct in how they speak to and treat citizens is critically important. Agencies using BWCs report that the conduct of both their officers and citizens is improved when everyone is aware that the interaction is being recorded. There is a negative side to this. The fact that officers and the public feel the need to record every interaction speaks to a lower level of trust and partnership — something that our agency has worked hard to develop and keep.

Recording Incidents

Which types of incidents will be recorded? Officers must activate their BWCs during any field contact. That includes:
  • Arrests
  • Calls involving emotionally or mentally disturbed subjects
  • Calls where the offense involves weapons or violence
  • Disturbances or disorders
  • Suspicious vehicles or persons
  • Traffic stops
  • Voluntary contacts of an investigative nature

Public Record Policies

What types of incidents will be a matter of public record? That is of some concern to us, as we are committed to being transparent. In North Carolina, if a piece of video is evidence in a criminal investigation, it cannot be released to the public. If in-car or body-worn camera video involves a disciplinary issue involving an officer, it cannot be released to the public because it is considered a “personnel matter.”

Benefits of Body-Worn Cameras

The Davidson Police Department wants this new technology to enhance and improve our relationship with you. Effective policing is achieved through strong partnerships with you, our citizens. Public trust is fundamental to that partnership. Help us continue to make and keep Davidson a safe place to live, work, and raise a family.