Park at Beaty Street Task Force

Public Meeting Notice: The first Beaty Street Task Force meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 6 at 6:30 p.m. in the Davidson Town Hall Board Room. This meeting is open to the public. 

At its April 10 meeting, the Davidson Board of Commissioners established a “Park at Beaty Street Task Force.” The board of commissioners will accept applications to serve on the citizen task force through the end of April and will make appointments to the citizen task force in early May.

The group is charged with the following:

• Sponsor public forums to solicit community input and identify recreational needs

• Identify and evaluate all assets on-site

• Investigate park and recreation elements needed, including walking trails and other amenities

• Consider ancillary uses as appropriate, respecting historic character of surrounding parcels

• Develop planning level cost estimates for the various options to help in setting priorities and developing financing plans

• Evaluate each option on the basis of capital and operational costs, potential impacts on the natural environment, potential revenues, recreational needs and effect on programs

• Meet with the Davidson Board of Commissioners for review and comment before making final recommendations

• Make recommendations for the consideration of the Davidson Board of Commissioners


Meredith Allen
Ellyn Baeszler
Denise Beall
John Burke
Leah Chester Davis
Dave Cable
Heidi Dietrich
Gary Fagan
Peter Grisewood
Janet Makee
Bill Maloney
Karen Manfredi
Jason Parker
Gabriel Schoen
Alice Sudduth