Bailey Springs (proposed park)

  1. Overview
  2. Conceptual Design
  3. Budget Estimate
  4. Invitation to Bid

New Park at Bailey Springs

The purpose of the project is to add active athletic facilities for the community as identified in the 2014 Town of Davidson Parks and Recreation Master Plan. You can view the master plan at

 â€œWe are really excited to be planning a new park with the help of our Livability Board and our citizens,” said Davidson Parks & Recreation Director Kathryn Spatz. 

The Livability Board Chair Marty Metzker, consultant Gary Fankhouser, and staff presented an updated Phase I projected budget to the Board of Commissioners on August 8, 2017 for guidance: Phase I construction documents will include basketball, volleyball, and 2 tennis courts.

Current projected timeline is:

  • April - Survey work (complete)
  • May - June: Document development and agency review (complete)
  • July – December - Permitting
  • January/February - Bidding and construction contracting
  • March/April - Construction
  • May - Punch list and final acceptance

Citizens were invited to attend a pair of open house meetings in April. To view videos of the open house session on April 10, please click here: Video #1 and Video #2

For more information, please contact Davidson Parks & Recreation Director Kathryn Spatz at 704-892-3349 and